Startup challenges Microsoft Office
These days, we constantly hear from Microsoft about how it's competing with Google. But could it be focusing on the wrong competitor? Sure, Google bought an online word-processing startup and launched a Web-based spreadsheet tool -- but the search giant's efforts are so scattered, it seems unlikely it will put much energy behind those products.

But Zimbra, an online-collaboration startup, is working on nothing but Web-based productivity applications, starting with an e-mail program that many say is a convincing clone of Microsoft Outlook. Now Zimbra has come out with Web-based word processing and spreadsheet tools, the Web 2.0 Explorer blog reports. Zimbra charges $28 per user per year, which, last we checked, is less than a tenth the cost of buying a copy of Office.
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There are lots of smaller companies that provider better software than Microsoft, but aren't being used due to lack of knowledge from consumers.

Private Folder was a good example of a Microsoft program that was largely rejected by customers. Other applications exist for protecting files, such as Taceo, which is an anti-theft program that has a feature for securing files on your own desktop - much like Private Folder.

The big difference here is that though Private Folder comes from a popular vendor, they did not account for needs of small and medium sized businesses - many complained about administrators not having any control over what files their employees might "protect" and make irretrievable. Taceo, for example, doesn't have this drawback.
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