Why is Google's Schmidt so camera shy?
Apparently, Google CEO Eric Schmidt hates how he looks in photos. That's the only explanation we can come up with for his extremely camera-shy behavior. The Boston Herald reports that after Eric Schmidt attended a circus show on Nantucket with his wife Wendy, he issued a directive through the circus's PR person that no photos of the couple were to be published. This is the second time Schmidt has gotten in a snit when he and his wife landed in the public eye; last year, he blackballed News.com over a story that listed facts anyone could find about the couple using Google's search engine.

Here's a suggestion for Schmidt: Use some of your company's great photo-sharing tools to put up some pics of your own.

That will sate the public's hunger to see more of the man behind one of the great business success stories of our time -- and it will save you from the embarrassment of seeming like a vain, insecure man with a habit of bullying the press.
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