Would Apple really buy Sun?
The news that Google CEO Eric Schmidt is joining Apple's board of directors has Silicon Valley afroth with rumors. Schmidt used to work at Sun Microsystems -- so could he be helping to broker an acquisition of Sun by Apple, as tech pundit John Dvorak suggests?

ZDNet's Dan Farber dismisses the idea as "pretzel logic": Google did a distribution deal with Sun recently, its CEO joins Apple's board -- Sun + Google, Google + Apple, therefore Sun + Apple? The math hardly stands up.

It helps to remember that rumors of an Apple-Sun deal are almost as old as the companies themselves. According to Sun co-founder Bill Joy, Ars Technica reported back in January, Sun and Apple almost joined forces six times. The iconoclastic proto-blog Suck.com mused on such a scenario ten years ago -- though at that point, Sun, with a Java-inflated market cap, would have been the acquirer.

Image courtesy of Suck.com
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