Valley startup mixes Wiki with geneology
Alarm:Clock reports that former PayPal COO David Sacks has secured $1.5 million in early funding for Wikigenia, a site that allows users to keep track of and edit their own family history collaboratively with other Internet users. The notion of user-generated genealogy is promising, but if Sacks's' resume wasn't so impressive, this startup might not merit a second look. Genealogy websites -- like and -- are well-established online. But Sacks is a pro: Prior to working his way to the top of PayPal, "he worked as a consultant at McKinsey and was an aid to conservative US Congressman Christopher Cox," reports the Clock, and he also managed to produce the indie film Thank You For Smoking.

So the guy is no dummy, and perhaps he's been spending time deep inside the WikiMedia website, where the discussion of a "WikiMorial" or "WikiTree" has drawn a crowd. A true breakout genealogy site has yet to emerge. Perhaps Wikigenia will take the prize.
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