Internet Explorer's new security trouble
Is Microsoft's new browser, Internet Explorer 7, more or less vulnerable to attacks? Shortly after IE 7's release, security research firm Secunia charged Microsoft with, among other things, failing to fix a security hole in IE 6 that made it possible for hackers to do evil using pop-up browser windows. Microsoft disputes some of Secunia's claims, but says it's investigating Secunia's report that hackers can put deceptive website addresses in pop-up windows - something that might facilitate phishing, or attempts to trick users into giving away their passwords by imitating popular banking or e-commerce websites.

Does that leave you rattled about using IE 7? TechRepublic has the cure: A list of 10 ways IE 7 is more secure. Our favorite one is one-click removal of all personal information, from cookies to cached webpages.
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And We are supposed to be surprised WHY???
Posted By dennis -milford, ct : 6:43 AM  

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