Rock band Keane releases single on USB fob
Think digital downloads are the end of CDs? Try USB flash-memory fobs you can plug into your computer and play. Keane has released a new single in the U.K. on a flash fob, the BBC reports, for 4 pounds (about $7.50). Instead of clicking through an online store and waiting for the song to download, fans can just buy the single at a store, plug the fob into a PC's USB port, and listen away.

Keane's not the first band to do this - Barenaked Ladies sold an album for $29.98 on small, portable memory devices last year - but its single release is by far the cheapest flash-fob release to date. And it's unlikely to be the last. Unlike CDs, whose manufacturing costs have been flat over time, prices on flash-memory chips continue to fall. As the price of flash fobs drop, expect to see more of them carrying tunes on store shelves.
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