Tech's $100 billion waste
Gartner, the market research firm, made quite a splash today when it estimated that IT managers will overspend by $100 billion on technology over the next five years. Gartner recommends instead that customers buy boring stuff like "WAN optimization tools," whatever those are.

At the All Nortel All the Time blog, Mark Evans points out that this can't be good news for telecom-equipment vendors. We at the Browser couldn't agree more. $100 billion? Is that all? How on earth is the Fortune 500 going to provide its employees with delay-free YouTube viewing with anything less?

Ill-conceived spending by muddle-headed managers on needless equipment has long been the fuel of the tech economy, after all. Why not throw another log on the fire? What could be more American, after all, than buying something you don't need? This coming spending spree makes the $5 billion that Google, Yahoo, Microsoft et al. are shelling out to beef up their Internet data centers seem like spare change. Bring it on, whether we need it or not!
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Our company (chemical company on S&P 500) definitely "overspends" on technology compared to others I've worked for. 3000 US employees with laptops with docking stations, international teleconference capability, "net meetings", and more scanner/printer/copier/shredder/pizza-maker combination devices than you can shake a stick at. However, I have to say that I've been sucked in. I like our toys and don't want anything less!
Posted By Peter Hooper, Greensboro, NC : 1:32 PM  

"WAN optimization tools" Why does this sound like someone took a page from that senitors "Big Tubes" speech?

Google WAN for starters.

In a nut shell, don't buy more bandwidth so your employees can watch the BoobUTube all day. Instead buy hardware/software tools that let you manage the bandwidth on the WAN you already pay for today. ie. Stop throwing bandwidth at your problems.

Put BoobUtome feeds to the bottom of your WAN priority list. Manage and control your existing bandwidth, so that your Email and SQL queries, you know all that fancy "work stuff" the network is supposed to do, actually works!
Posted By Kevin Halifax NS : 6:59 PM  

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