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Guess what? Zune can't run on Vista
You'd have to be living under a rock not to know that Microsoft is in the midst of two big product launches - the Zune MP3 player and the Windows Vista operating system. Apparently the programmers behind Vista and Zune have been living under their respective rocks - because the Zune is incompatible with Vista, longtime Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley reports. Talk about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is coding.

Scott Erickson, a senior director for product management at Microsoft, told News.com that the company hopes to have the Zune compatible with Vista by the end of the month, when Vista's business edition becomes available. If they miss that date, he expects a Vista-compatible version of Zune's software by January 30, when the consumer edition of Vista rolls out.

What happened here? Blame the ongoing delays with Vista, which was only released to manufacturing - a key, final step - last week. That's hardly enough time for the Zune coders to test and update their software against the final version of Vista. Still, you'd think that Microsoft could have gotten more cooperation going between its platforms and entertainment divisions to have Zune be Vista-compatible from the get-go. It's hard to imagine Apple, even though it divided itself into iPod and Mac divisions more than two years ago, not coordinating software updates between the iPod, iTunes, and Mac OS X.
Posted by Owen Thomas 10:43 AM 3 Comments comment | Add a Comment

I'm not a huge MS fan, but come on- think before you post something like this. To say it's hard to imagine Apple not coordinating updates for it's products that ALL exist, and compare that to MS coordinating updates in Zune with Vista that DID NOT exist in final form for them to even so much as dream of coordinating is completely wrong, ill thought out, and a cheap shot. You're only making yourself look bad by writing this.
Posted By Josh, Everett, WA : 12:59 PM  

Zune is the biggest mistake ever in the history of MP3 players. I just graduated from college. If someone had asked me on how to design, program, and market a new MP3 player, I would have done better than what the people behind Zune did. I believe they got caught in the iPod frenzy and in their zeal to compete, they cam up with a totally stupid and completely useless device.

To add more salt to the wound, the player isn't compatible with Vista. What company is Microsoft? What is going on there? Some things are unacceptable and this is one of them.

If I was Microsoft, I wouldn't have developed the Zune player. It was a bad mistake. I will be happy if I can be quoted saying that the Zune will not even crack the top ten in MP3 player markets. I am looking forward to getting the latest generation of iPods.
Posted By Clark, Silver Spring, MD : 1:13 PM  

What bugs me about Vista and the associated update to Office, is that MS did not include Outlook with their basic Student Edition of Office for Vista. You must pay in excess of 110.00 more (Cdn) for the next version up to include Outlook.
I know this is a revenue generating move, but it is very alienating, once again.
Posted By Brett, Halifax, Nova Scotia : 12:29 PM  

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