Lloyd's goodbye memo
Being all about the "meta," The Browser doesn't usually gravitate to primary sources. However, we'll make an exception to share with you some (annotated) excerpts from Lloyd Braun's memo to his staff this morning. Think of it as a special bonus stuff at the end of the DVD....
From: Lloyd Braun
To: all-ymg....
Sent: Tue Dec 05 19:24:33 2006
Subject: News from Lloyd

All -

In light of the announcement of the reorganization of Yahoo!, I have decided to tender my resignation as head of the Yahoo! Media Group. [For those who happened to be in sensory deprivation tanks in Big Sur for the last 24 hours.]

Over the last two years, the Yahoo! Media Group has developed and launched a ground-breaking template for the next generation of media experiences on the Internet.... [Blah, blah, Internet...]

[But here comes the real news...] On Friday, December 8th at 3pm PST executive management will join members of YMG's senior leadership team for an all-hands to walk you through the re-organization and the Yahoo! mission moving forward. I encourage all of you to attend to hear more about these changes, what they mean for the Media Group moving forward, as well as to answer your questions. [Break out the egg nog! The Browser welcomes your eyewitness accounts.]

There is much more to come in the months ahead and there are great leaders in place to take you all on the next part of the journey... [All hail our new "great leaders!"]


And with that, our man in Santa Monica walked, somewhat uncertainly, into the sunset.
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