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In honor of Valentine's Day it seemed fitting we delve into the world of online romance. Jupiter Research is hawking a new report on online dating that shows much of the growth in the U.S. market is coming from higher fees, rather than growth in the number of subscribers. "Over the last several years we've seen a steady drop in the percentage of US online users who report browsing online dating sites," says Nate Elliott, Senior Analyst at JupiterResearch and lead author of the report. Could all those users be finding love - or finding new ways to find love?

The report suggests that online dating in the U.S. has reached its natural limit, while European matchmaking sites, according to Jupiter, continue to see steady subscriber growth.

Fair enough, but we wondered what our Canadian friends are doing to find love online. Coincidentally, we recently met with a Vancouver-based entrepreneur who started telling us about a friend of his whose matchmaking site, plentyoffish.com, apparently is the top dating site in Canada, as measured by Alexa's traffic rankings for the country.

It turns out Plentyoffish CEO (and sole employee) Markus Frind is a blogger, and in his latest post he boasts that thousands of people have found love and marriage through Plentyoffish. (He also claims his site is the largest dating site in the world measured by "relationships created.") He writes, "it's getting hard not to find people in your group of friends that haven't found someone on plentyoffish at least in Canada."

For those hopeless romantics interested in reading the real-life stories of Canadians in love, click here. Warning: Some of these stories are pretty darn sappy.
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