CEOs' free ride ... to Perksville
Chances are your employer isn't paying for your home, your transportation or a big chunk of your taxes, as many companies do for their CEOs, as noted in my recent column. But we'd like to know, what kind of perks on the job do you enjoy?
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I knew the big guys had a currency printing machine in the executive washroom but this is insane! Believe me, I'm a capitalist to the core but I don't think that includes such largess as to be embarassing?!

A $122 Million TAX BILL? You have got to be kidding me. I'm not sure how many employees work at that firm but I'd be willing to bet that they could give each and every employee a $10k cash bonus and still be way ahead.

Make no mistake, I do well, but I also do good! I'm happy with my free SBUX caffeine fix in my office every day. At least I was until I read this!

These folks are not royalty!
Posted By TraderVic, Washington, D.C. : 5:33 PM  

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