Worst ways to quit your job
Given all the layoff horror stories (see Worst ways to get fired) it's easy to always think "employees good, companies bad." But there also is plenty employees do to mistreat their bosses and colleagues when they leave the company, as I note in my most recent column, Worst ways to quit. If you've experienced or taken part in some less-than-professional resignations, we'd like to hear about it.
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CEOs' free ride ... to Perksville
Chances are your employer isn't paying for your home, your transportation or a big chunk of your taxes, as many companies do for their CEOs, as noted in my recent column. But we'd like to know, what kind of perks on the job do you enjoy?
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Worst ways to get fired

When cost-conscious companies place too much value on speed and efficiency, it can lead to some insensitive strategies when laying off employees. See my recent column on some of the coldest ways companies have given workers the boot.

If you have any terrible tales of corporate termination, we'd like to hear them. -- Jeanne Sahadi

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