Foreign Small/Mid Growth

Top 25 Performers
TickerPrice1 day
% Change
WCPIX ProFunds UltraSector Mobile Telecom Inv52.45+3.98%
WCPSX ProFunds UltraSector Mobile Telecom Svc45.16+3.98%
CIACX Catalyst Insider Long/Short C10.39+3.69%
CIAAX Catalyst Insider Long/Short A10.58+3.62%
CIAIX Catalyst Insider Long/Short I10.60+3.62%
DXELX Direxion Mthly Emerg Mkts Bull 2X45.99+2.78%
PMPIX ProFunds Precious Metals UltraSector Inv9.28+2.65%
PMPSX ProFunds Precious Metals UltraSector Svc8.40+2.56%
UFPIX ProFunds UltraShort Latin America Inv18.26+2.41%
RYMJX Rydex Commodities Strategy C8.92+2.41%
UFPSX ProFunds UltraShort Latin America Svc17.01+2.41%
GAAEX Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy3.47+2.37%
DXHLX Direxion Mthly China Bull 2X Inv47.24+2.36%
RYMEX Rydex Commodities Strategy A9.62+2.34%
RYMBX Rydex Commodities Strategy H9.65+2.33%
USERX US Global Investors Gld & Prec Mtls5.69+2.15%
JGNRX JPMorgan Global Natural Resources R57.86+2.09%
JLTAX JPMorgan Latin America A14.89+2.04%
JLTSX JPMorgan Latin America Select14.98+2.03%
JLTCX JPMorgan Latin America C14.61+2.01%
JGNAX JPMorgan Global Natural Resources A7.68+2.01%
JGNZX JPMorgan Global Natural Resources R27.69+2.01%
RYPMX Rydex Precious Metals Inv28.97+2.01%
Data as of 02/25/2015

Foreign Small/Mid Growth

Bottom 25 Performers
TickerPrice1 day
% Change
VICFX Victory International C11.07-17.88%
VIRFX Victory International R11.16-17.76%
VIYFX Victory International Y11.18-17.73%
VIAFX Victory International A11.29-17.59%
VIIFX Victory International I11.32-17.55%
VRRFX Victory International R611.32-17.55%
LEBOX Leigh Baldwin Total Return7.47-3.03%
UBPSX ProFunds UltraLatin America Svc3.91-2.49%
UBPIX ProFunds UltraLatin America Inv3.98-2.45%
DXZLX Direxion Mthly Latin America Bull 2X Inv19.66-2.33%
IDROX Voya Real Estate O20.46-2.25%
GAUCX Gabelli Utilities C4.04-2.18%
UTPSX ProFunds Utilities UltraSector Svc32.56-2.16%
JIREX JHFunds2 Real Estate Secs 114.99-2.16%
UTPIX ProFunds Utilities UltraSector Inv34.11-2.15%
DNREX Dunham Real Estate Stock N19.76-2.13%
ORECX Oppenheimer Real Estate C28.98-2.13%
OREYX Oppenheimer Real Estate Y29.90-2.13%
MXREX Great-West Real Estate Index Initial12.90-2.13%
DAREX Dunham Real Estate Stock A19.83-2.12%
JRLTX Johnson Realty16.18-2.12%
OREAX Oppenheimer Real Estate A29.63-2.12%
ICRPX VY Clarion Real Estate A34.72-2.12%
JRIRX JPMorgan Realty Income R514.40-2.11%
IVRSX VY Clarion Real Estate S36.20-2.11%
Data as of 02/25/2015

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