Top 25 Performers
TickerPrice1 day
% Change
DXHLX Direxion Mthly China Bull 2X Inv65.10+6.20%
UGPSX ProFunds UltraChina Service15.45+5.68%
UGPIX ProFunds UltraChina Inv16.58+5.67%
UFPIX ProFunds UltraShort Latin America Inv18.05+2.97%
UFPSX ProFunds UltraShort Latin America Svc16.79+2.94%
AACFX Invesco China A24.37+2.18%
AMCYX Invesco China Y24.39+2.18%
IACFX Invesco China R524.40+2.18%
CACFX Invesco China C23.63+2.16%
ABCFX Invesco China B23.67+2.16%
STMAX Steinberg Select Investor--+2.07%
SCSGX SCS Tactical Allocation10.41+1.86%
RYSDX Rydex Strengthening Dollar 2x Strategy A52.99+1.77%
RYSBX Rydex Strengthening Dollar 2x Strategy H52.78+1.75%
RYSJX Rydex Strengthening Dollar 2x Strategy C48.94+1.75%
CTVAX Catalyst Small Cap Insider Buying A16.29+1.69%
CTVIX Catalyst Small Cap Insider Buying I16.45+1.67%
RCHKX RS China K13.55+1.65%
IHPIX Voya Hang Seng Index Port I16.73+1.64%
ACOIX AC One China Institutional16.24+1.63%
ALQDX AllianzGI China Equity D21.92+1.62%
CTVCX Catalyst Small Cap Insider Buying C15.66+1.62%
ALQAX AllianzGI China Equity A21.62+1.60%
ALQIX AllianzGI China Equity Institutional21.66+1.59%
IHSPX Voya Hang Seng Index Port A16.64+1.59%
Data as of 05/22/2015


Bottom 25 Performers
TickerPrice1 day
% Change
SPFCX Prudential Jennison Select Growth C---6.59%
SPFBX Prudential Jennison Select Growth B---6.59%
SPFAX Prudential Jennison Select Growth A---5.85%
UHPSX ProFunds UltraShort China Service11.24-5.70%
UHPIX ProFunds UltraShort China Inv12.07-5.70%
SPFZX Prudential Jennison Select Growth Z---5.67%
PSGQX Prudential Jennison Select Growth Q---5.61%
SUVAX Prudential Strategic Value A---3.58%
SUVCX Prudential Strategic Value C---3.58%
SUVBX Prudential Strategic Value B---3.58%
DXZLX Direxion Mthly Latin America Bull 2X Inv18.50-3.55%
SUVZX Prudential Strategic Value Z---3.52%
UBPSX ProFunds UltraLatin America Svc3.72-3.12%
UBPIX ProFunds UltraLatin America Inv3.80-3.06%
SLAPX Deutsche Latin America Equity C21.43-2.01%
SLAFX Deutsche Latin America Equity S22.41-2.01%
SLAOX Deutsche Latin America Equity B21.46-2.01%
SLANX Deutsche Latin America Equity A22.48-2.01%
SLARX Deutsche Latin America Equity Instl22.42-1.97%
PRLAX T. Rowe Price Latin America21.46-1.96%
BDEIX Bradesco Latin American Equity Instl8.33-1.88%
JLTCX JPMorgan Latin America C14.09-1.88%
JLTAX JPMorgan Latin America A14.38-1.84%
RYWJX Rydex Weakening Dollar 2x Strategy C11.25-1.83%
JLTSX JPMorgan Latin America Select14.48-1.83%
Data as of 05/22/2015

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