Large Growth

Top 25 Performers
TickerPrice1 day
% Change
UHPSX ProFunds UltraShort China Service16.93+3.42%
UHPIX ProFunds UltraShort China Inv18.14+3.42%
NYSAX Nysa4.89+2.52%
FELBX Fidelity Advisor® Electronics B15.27+2.45%
FELIX Fidelity Advisor® Electronics I17.46+2.43%
FELTX Fidelity Advisor® Electronics T16.32+2.41%
FELAX Fidelity Advisor® Electronics A16.82+2.40%
FELCX Fidelity Advisor® Electronics C15.23+2.39%
INDAX ALPS|Kotak India Growth A14.25+2.38%
INFCX ALPS|Kotak India Growth C13.92+2.37%
INDIX ALPS|Kotak India Growth I14.43+2.35%
FINDX Franklin India Growth C13.16+2.26%
FIGZX Franklin India Growth Adv14.01+2.20%
UKPSX ProFunds UltraShort Japan Svc15.04+2.17%
FINGX Franklin India Growth A13.76+2.16%
ENCPX Encompass3.84+2.13%
UKPIX ProFunds UltraShort Japan Inv15.84+2.13%
FMGRX Rx Dynamic Growth Institutional12.63+1.92%
FMGCX Rx Dynamic Growth Advisor12.32+1.89%
IFOCX Invesco Technology Sector C15.27+1.85%
IFOAX Invesco Technology Sector A17.57+1.84%
ITYYX Invesco Technology Y39.91+1.82%
IFODX Invesco Technology Sector Y18.35+1.81%
Data as of 03/03/2015

Large Growth

Bottom 25 Performers
TickerPrice1 day
% Change
POPCX AllianzGI Opportunity C16.96-6.50%
POOBX AllianzGI Opportunity B16.98-6.45%
POADX AllianzGI Opportunity Administrative20.96-5.80%
POFIX AllianzGI Opportunity Institutional22.06-5.57%
POPAX AllianzGI Opportunity A26.82-4.59%
UGPIX ProFunds UltraChina Inv11.72-3.38%
UGPSX ProFunds UltraChina Service10.94-3.36%
PMPSX ProFunds Precious Metals UltraSector Svc8.09-2.41%
BFONX Biondo Focus Investor16.40-2.38%
SMPIX ProFunds Semiconductor UltraSector Inv30.67-2.32%
SMPSX ProFunds Semiconductor UltraSector Svc26.95-2.32%
PMPIX ProFunds Precious Metals UltraSector Inv8.94-2.30%
FKUTX Franklin Utilities A16.93-2.26%
INIVX Van Eck Intl Investors Gold A8.37-2.19%
OCMAX OCM Gold Advisors10.57-2.18%
SGDAX Deutsche Gold & Precious Metals A6.31-2.17%
IIGCX Van Eck Intl Investors Gold C7.56-2.17%
INIYX Van Eck Intl Investors Gold Y8.46-2.16%
OCMGX OCM Gold Investor10.24-2.16%
SCGDX Deutsche Gold & Precious Metals S6.36-2.15%
SGDIX Deutsche Gold & Precious Metals Instl6.36-2.15%
INIIX Van Eck Intl Investors Gold I10.42-2.13%
SGDCX Deutsche Gold & Precious Metals C6.01-2.12%
SGDBX Deutsche Gold & Precious Metals B6.03-2.11%
FGDIX Fidelity Advisor® Gold I17.86-2.11%
Data as of 03/03/2015

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