Top 25 Performers
TickerPrice1 day
% Change
STMAX Steinberg Select Investor--+2.07%
MASSX Mutual of America Small Cap Growth Instl--+1.49%
ETAHX Eventide Healthcare & Life Sciences A25.28+1.40%
ETNHX Eventide Healthcare & Life Sciences N25.34+1.40%
ETCHX Eventide Healthcare & Life Sciences C24.84+1.39%
ETIHX Eventide Healthcare & Life Sciences I25.43+1.36%
IMSCX IMS Capital Value23.35+1.26%
FBIOX Fidelity® Select Biotechnology Portfolio261.97+1.20%
UJPIX ProFunds UltraJapan Inv23.75+1.15%
INIIX Van Eck Intl Investors Gold I10.57+1.15%
FBTIX Fidelity Advisor® Biotechnology I30.78+1.12%
FBTTX Fidelity Advisor® Biotechnology T28.11+1.12%
FBTAX Fidelity Advisor® Biotechnology A29.37+1.10%
UJPSX ProFunds UltraJapan Svc21.12+1.10%
FBTBX Fidelity Advisor® Biotechnology B25.95+1.09%
FBTCX Fidelity Advisor® Biotechnology C26.00+1.09%
INIYX Van Eck Intl Investors Gold Y8.58+1.06%
AVFAX Aegis Value A13.38+1.06%
IIGCX Van Eck Intl Investors Gold C7.65+1.06%
IGDBX Invesco Gold & Precious Metals B3.88+1.04%
UNWPX US Global Investors Wld Prec Minerals4.89+1.03%
UNWIX US Global Investors Wld Prec Mnral Instl4.92+1.03%
USERX US Global Investors Gld & Prec Mtls5.91+1.03%
CIAAX Catalyst Insider Long/Short A10.89+1.02%
CIAIX Catalyst Insider Long/Short I10.93+1.02%
Data as of 05/20/2015


Bottom 25 Performers
TickerPrice1 day
% Change
DPCCX Dreyfus Greater China C31.40-20.85%
DPCAX Dreyfus Greater China A37.14-18.23%
DPCRX Dreyfus Greater China I39.05-17.49%
FSAIX Fidelity® Select Air Transportation Port71.23-2.89%
FSRFX Fidelity® Select Transportation86.81-2.67%
EUROX US Global Investors Emerging Europe6.87-2.00%
DXHLX Direxion Mthly China Bull 2X Inv61.81-1.98%
RYPIX Rydex Transportation Inv50.86-1.61%
RYPAX Rydex Transportation Adv46.01-1.60%
RYTSX Rydex Transportation A47.28-1.60%
RYCNX Rydex Transportation C44.52-1.59%
WKCAX Clinton Long Short Equity A10.10-1.56%
WKCSX Clinton Long Short Equity S10.12-1.56%
WKCIX Clinton Long Short Equity I10.14-1.55%
IWRFX Voya Russia W26.12-1.40%
LETRX Voya Russia A26.11-1.36%
IIRFX Voya Russia I26.29-1.35%
WTIFX Westcore International Small Cap18.28-1.35%
TREMX T. Rowe Price Emerging Europe Fund14.02-1.20%
MAGTX Morgan Creek Tactical Allocation A9.67-1.12%
UKPIX ProFunds UltraShort Japan Inv13.22-1.12%
MOFQX Marketocracy Masters 10010.66-1.11%
UKPSX ProFunds UltraShort Japan Svc12.52-1.11%
LMORX Legg Mason Opportunity R20.95-1.09%
MIGTX Morgan Creek Tactical Allocation I10.07-1.08%
Data as of 05/20/2015

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