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TickerPrice1 month
% Change
UBPIX ProFunds UltraLatin America Inv30.94+24.75%Trading--Leveraged Equity
UBPSX ProFunds UltraLatin America Svc30.01+24.63%Trading--Leveraged Equity
AMREX American Growth Fund Series Two E5.61+11.36%Large Growth
BDERX Bradesco Latin American Equity Retail7.94+10.12%Latin America Stock
BDEIX Bradesco Latin American Equity Instl7.98+10.07%Latin America Stock
UJPIX ProFunds UltraJapan Inv14.69+9.98%Trading--Leveraged Equity
UJPSX ProFunds UltraJapan Svc12.90+9.89%Trading--Leveraged Equity
RYIRX Rydex Inverse Russell 2000 2x Strategy H23.30+9.73%Bear Market
RYIZX Rydex Inverse Russell 2000 2x Strategy C21.54+9.65%Bear Market
RYIUX Rydex Inverse Russell 2000 2x Strategy A23.39+9.63%Bear Market
UCPIX ProFunds UltraShort Small-Cap Inv17.84+9.63%Bear Market
UCPSX ProFunds UltraShort Small-Cap Svc17.20+9.51%Bear Market
DXRSX Direxion Mthly Small Cap Bear 2X29.40+9.27%Bear Market
MALTX BlackRock Latin America Instl42.77+8.91%Latin America Stock
MDLTX BlackRock Latin America Inv A42.15+8.90%Latin America Stock
MCLTX BlackRock Latin America Inv C38.26+8.83%Latin America Stock
MBLTX BlackRock Latin America Inv B39.01+8.76%Latin America Stock
BGEFX Baillie Gifford EAFE 4--+8.20%Foreign Large Blend
FXFAX FX Strategy A8.82+7.38%Multicurrency
FXFIX FX Strategy I8.83+7.37%Multicurrency
JLTSX JPMorgan Latin America Select13.96+7.19%Latin America Stock
JLTNX JPMorgan Latin America R613.73+7.17%Latin America Stock
JLTAX JPMorgan Latin America A13.67+7.12%Latin America Stock
JLTCX JPMorgan Latin America C13.32+7.08%Latin America Stock
RRPSX ProFunds Rising Rates Opp Svc4.54+6.86%Trading--Inverse Debt
RRPIX ProFunds Rising Rates Opp Inv4.99+6.67%Trading--Inverse Debt
PRLAX T. Rowe Price Latin America20.97+6.58%Latin America Stock
BKPIX ProFunds Banks UltraSector Inv30.00+6.49%Trading--Leveraged Equity
BKPSX ProFunds Banks UltraSector Svc28.30+6.43%Trading--Leveraged Equity
SPPIX ProFunds Short Precious Metals Inv5.06+6.33%Trading--Inverse Commodities
FLFIX Fidelity Advisor® Latin America I21.25+6.31%Latin America Stock
FLATX Fidelity® Latin America21.27+6.26%Latin America Stock
FLFAX Fidelity Advisor® Latin America A21.31+6.25%Latin America Stock
FLFTX Fidelity Advisor® Latin America T21.32+6.19%Latin America Stock
FLFCX Fidelity Advisor® Latin America C21.46+6.15%Latin America Stock
EQIPX Equinox IPM Systematic Macro I11.06+6.14%Managed Futures
RYSBX Rydex Strengthening Dollar 2x Strategy H49.75+6.08%Trading--Miscellaneous
RYSDX Rydex Strengthening Dollar 2x Strategy A49.94+6.07%Trading--Miscellaneous
SPPSX ProFunds Short Precious Metals Svc5.12+6.04%Trading--Inverse Commodities
RYSJX Rydex Strengthening Dollar 2x Strategy C45.47+6.01%Trading--Miscellaneous
SLAFX Deutsche Latin America Equity S22.77+5.94%Latin America Stock
SLARX Deutsche Latin America Equity Instl22.78+5.94%Latin America Stock
SLANX Deutsche Latin America Equity A22.76+5.90%Latin America Stock
SLAPX Deutsche Latin America Equity C21.46+5.88%Latin America Stock
CHOIX Chou Income7.93+5.59%World Allocation
RYHJX Rydex Inverse Government Lg Bd Strat H32.40+5.52%Trading--Inverse Debt
RYAQX Rydex Inverse Government Lg Bd Strat A32.28+5.48%Trading--Inverse Debt
RYJUX Rydex Inverse Government Lg Bd Strat Inv33.46+5.47%Trading--Inverse Debt
RYJCX Rydex Inverse Government Lg Bd Strat C28.60+5.40%Trading--Inverse Debt
ELAAX Epiphany FFV Latin America A7.33+5.32%Latin America Stock
Data as of 11/03/2016