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TickerPrice1 month
% Change
CAEZX Columbia Acorn European Z17.22+7.69%Europe Stock
CLOFX Columbia Acorn European R417.29+7.65%Europe Stock
CAEYX Columbia Acorn European Y17.15+7.65%Europe Stock
CAEAX Columbia Acorn European A17.20+7.63%Europe Stock
CAEEX Columbia Acorn European R517.38+7.61%Europe Stock
CAECX Columbia Acorn European C17.00+7.58%Europe Stock
DFUKX DFA United Kingdom Small Company I31.42+7.55%Miscellaneous Region
BPTUX Baron Partners R645.64+7.50%Mid-Cap Growth
BPTIX Baron Partners Institutional45.64+7.47%Mid-Cap Growth
BPTRX Baron Partners Retail44.81+7.47%Mid-Cap Growth
WAINX Wasatch Emerging India Investor3.88+7.07%India Equity
WIINX Wasatch Emerging India Institutional3.89+7.03%India Equity
INPIX ProFunds Internet UltraSector Inv59.54+7.01%Trading--Leveraged Equity
ZVGIX Zevenbergen Genea Institutional13.58+6.99%Large Growth
FNORX Fidelity® Nordic50.89+6.97%Miscellaneous Region
INPSX ProFunds Internet UltraSector Svc48.19+6.95%Trading--Leveraged Equity
BGLFX Baillie Gifford Long Term Global Gr Eq 416.60+6.73%World Large Stock
JAMFX Jacob Internet Inv4.46+6.73%Technology
BGLTX Baillie Gifford Long Term Global Gr Eq 214.40+6.73%World Large Stock
BGLKX Baillie Gifford Long Term Glbl Gr Eq K14.41+6.71%World Large Stock
BSGLX Baillie Gifford Long Term Glbl Gr Eq I14.41+6.71%World Large Stock
ZVGNX Zevenbergen Genea Investor13.50+6.68%Large Growth
PYEFX Pioneer Emerging Markets Y22.12+6.66%Diversified Emerging Mkts
PEMFX Pioneer Emerging Markets A20.00+6.64%Diversified Emerging Mkts
PEMRX Pioneer Emerging Markets R19.05+6.61%Diversified Emerging Mkts
PCEFX Pioneer Emerging Markets C16.29+6.49%Diversified Emerging Mkts
FCAPX Franklin Intl Small Cap Growth R619.73+6.45%Foreign Small/Mid Blend
FINAX Franklin Intl Small Cap Growth A19.69+6.41%Foreign Small/Mid Blend
FKSCX Franklin Intl Small Cap Growth Adv19.73+6.39%Foreign Small/Mid Blend
BAFHX Brown Advisory WMC Strat Eurp Eq Instl11.98+6.36%Europe Stock
FCSMX Franklin Intl Small Cap Growth C19.47+6.36%Foreign Small/Mid Blend
FISDX Franklin Intl Small Cap Growth R19.74+6.33%Foreign Small/Mid Blend
BAHAX Brown Advisory WMC Strat Eurp Eq Adv11.92+6.30%Europe Stock
FHJMX Fidelity Advisor® Europe I39.51+6.26%Europe Stock
BIAHX Brown Advisory WMC Strat Eurp Eq Inv11.98+6.26%Europe Stock
FIEUX Fidelity® Europe39.51+6.23%Europe Stock
FHJUX Fidelity Advisor® Europe A39.51+6.20%Europe Stock
FHJVX Fidelity Advisor® Europe M39.57+6.19%Europe Stock
FHJTX Fidelity Advisor® Europe C39.35+6.14%Europe Stock
DFCSX DFA Continental Small Company I26.29+6.13%Europe Stock
LPEIX ALPS|Red Rocks Listed Private Equity I7.45+6.11%World Small/Mid Stock
LPEFX ALPS|Red Rocks Listed Private Equity A7.34+6.06%World Small/Mid Stock
EMRYX VanEck Emerging Markets Y15.34+6.05%Diversified Emerging Mkts
LPFCX ALPS|Red Rocks Listed Private Equity C7.01+6.03%World Small/Mid Stock
EMRIX VanEck Emerging Markets I15.95+6.02%Diversified Emerging Mkts
WIESX Wasatch Emerging Markets Select Instl10.12+6.02%Diversified Emerging Mkts
GBFAX VanEck Emerging Markets A15.10+6.00%Diversified Emerging Mkts
WAESX Wasatch Emerging Markets Select Investor10.01+5.98%Diversified Emerging Mkts
LPERX ALPS|Red Rocks Listed Private Equity R6.36+5.96%World Small/Mid Stock
NIOIX Neuberger Berman Intl Small Cap Instl12.29+5.93%Foreign Small/Mid Blend
Data as of 05/19/2017