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TickerPrice1 month
% Change
DXRSX Direxion Mthly Small Cap Bear 2X15.73-12.38%Bear Market
UCPSX ProFunds UltraShort Small-Cap Svc9.20-11.78%Bear Market
RYIZX Rydex Inverse Russell 2000 2x Strategy C46.61-11.71%Bear Market
UCPIX ProFunds UltraShort Small-Cap Inv9.64-11.70%Bear Market
NVXAX Navigator Sentry Managed Volatility A1.85-11.66%Volatility
RYIUX Rydex Inverse Russell 2000 2x Strategy A50.97-11.65%Bear Market
RYIRX Rydex Inverse Russell 2000 2x Strategy H50.77-11.63%Bear Market
NVXCX Navigator Sentry Managed Volatility C1.86-11.61%Volatility
NVXIX Navigator Sentry Managed Volatility I1.86-11.61%Volatility
TFCIX Third Avenue Focused Credit Instl1.68-11.58%High Yield Bond
PMPSX ProFunds Precious Metals UltraSector Svc34.75-9.97%Trading--Leveraged Equity
PMPIX ProFunds Precious Metals UltraSector Inv39.38-9.90%Trading--Leveraged Equity
SNPSX ProFunds Short Oil & Gas Svc45.08-9.37%Trading--Inverse Commodities
SNPIX ProFunds Short Oil & Gas Inv46.91-9.29%Trading--Inverse Commodities
UKPSX ProFunds UltraShort Japan Svc7.30-8.06%Bear Market
UKPIX ProFunds UltraShort Japan Inv7.89-7.99%Bear Market
WCPSX ProFunds UltraSector Mobile Telecom Svc56.48-7.75%Trading--Leveraged Equity
WCPIX ProFunds UltraSector Mobile Telecom Inv67.33-7.68%Trading--Leveraged Equity
UIPSX ProFunds UltraShort Mid-Cap Svc23.05-7.49%Bear Market
UIPIX ProFunds UltraShort Mid-Cap Inv25.35-7.45%Bear Market
GLDCX Gabelli Gold C12.67-7.39%Equity Precious Metals
GLDTX Gabelli Gold T13.77-7.35%Equity Precious Metals
GOLDX Gabelli Gold AAA13.76-7.35%Equity Precious Metals
GLDAX Gabelli Gold A13.80-7.33%Equity Precious Metals
GLDIX Gabelli Gold I14.05-7.27%Equity Precious Metals
TGLDX Tocqueville Gold36.68-7.10%Equity Precious Metals
FRGOX Franklin Gold and Precious Metals C14.47-6.93%Equity Precious Metals
FKRCX Franklin Gold and Precious Metals A15.69-6.87%Equity Precious Metals
FGADX Franklin Gold and Precious Metals Adv16.66-6.87%Equity Precious Metals
AGGWX American Century Global Gold R8.38-6.82%Equity Precious Metals
FGPMX Franklin Gold and Precious Metals R616.80-6.82%Equity Precious Metals
AGYCX American Century Global Gold C8.11-6.81%Equity Precious Metals
AGGNX American Century Global Gold I8.68-6.80%Equity Precious Metals
ACGGX American Century Global Gold A8.45-6.76%Equity Precious Metals
BGEIX American Century Global Gold Inv8.61-6.75%Equity Precious Metals
EKWCX Wells Fargo Precious Metals C31.75-6.72%Equity Precious Metals
EKWAX Wells Fargo Precious Metals A35.79-6.67%Equity Precious Metals
EKWDX Wells Fargo Precious Metals Admin36.09-6.67%Equity Precious Metals
EKWYX Wells Fargo Precious Metals Inst36.32-6.65%Equity Precious Metals
IIGCX VanEck International Investors Gold C8.33-6.46%Equity Precious Metals
FGDTX Fidelity Advisor® Gold M19.87-6.45%Equity Precious Metals
FGDCX Fidelity Advisor® Gold C19.01-6.44%Equity Precious Metals
FGDAX Fidelity Advisor® Gold A20.24-6.42%Equity Precious Metals
FGDIX Fidelity Advisor® Gold I20.74-6.36%Equity Precious Metals
FSAGX Fidelity® Select Gold20.74-6.36%Equity Precious Metals
INIVX VanEck International Investors Gold A9.49-6.36%Equity Precious Metals
RYZCX Rydex Precious Metals C25.70-6.35%Equity Precious Metals
SGDAX Deutsche Gold & Precious Metals A6.77-6.34%Equity Precious Metals
INIYX VanEck International Investors Gold Y9.68-6.33%Equity Precious Metals
RYMNX Rydex Precious Metals A29.50-6.30%Equity Precious Metals
Data as of 10/20/2017