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TickerPrice1 month
% Change
UHPSX ProFunds UltraShort China Service9.99-8.83%Bear Market
UHPIX ProFunds UltraShort China Inv10.88-8.70%Bear Market
UVPIX ProFunds UltraShort Emerg Mkt Inv6.20-7.05%Bear Market
UVPSX ProFunds UltraShort Emerg Mkt Svc5.83-7.05%Bear Market
RYWZX Rydex Inverse Emerging Mkts 2X Strat C11.60-7.01%Trading--Inverse Equity
RYWYX Rydex Inverse Emerging Mkts 2X Strat H11.32-6.95%Trading--Inverse Equity
RYWWX Rydex Inverse Emerging Mkts 2X Strat A11.42-6.90%Trading--Inverse Equity
MCXCX Catalyst Macro Strategy C8.17-6.65%Multialternative
MCXAX Catalyst Macro Strategy A8.23-6.61%Multialternative
MCXIX Catalyst Macro Strategy I8.26-6.59%Multialternative
CHOEX Chou Opportunity9.01-6.32%Small Value
PFFTX Princeton Futures Strategy C7.43-6.17%Managed Futures
PFFAX Princeton Futures Strategy A7.74-6.05%Managed Futures
PFFNX Princeton Futures Strategy I7.85-5.96%Managed Futures
BKPSX ProFunds Banks UltraSector Svc28.70-5.87%Trading--Leveraged Equity
BKPIX ProFunds Banks UltraSector Inv30.42-5.78%Trading--Leveraged Equity
SPPSX ProFunds Short Precious Metals Svc5.41-5.69%Trading--Inverse Commodities
SPPIX ProFunds Short Precious Metals Inv5.34-5.59%Trading--Inverse Commodities
RYVTX Rydex Inverse NASDAQ-100® 2x Strategy A12.31-5.01%Bear Market
USPSX ProFunds UltraShort NASDAQ-100 Svc7.86-4.99%Bear Market
RYCDX Rydex Inverse NASDAQ-100® 2x Strategy C10.96-4.95%Bear Market
RYVNX Rydex Inverse NASDAQ-100® 2x Strategy H12.32-4.94%Bear Market
USPIX ProFunds UltraShort NASDAQ-100 Inv7.97-4.92%Bear Market
EBCIX Equinox Systematica Macro I9.43-4.84%Managed Futures
ASFCX Natixis ASG Managed Futures Strategy C9.65-4.17%Managed Futures
SNPIX ProFunds Short Oil & Gas Inv5.95-4.06%Trading--Inverse Commodities
AMFAX Natixis ASG Managed Futures Strategy A9.99-4.04%Managed Futures
ASFYX Natixis ASG Managed Futures Strategy Y10.04-4.02%Managed Futures
SNPSX ProFunds Short Oil & Gas Svc5.78-4.01%Trading--Inverse Commodities
IMXCX AlphaCentric/IMFC Managed Futs Strat C10.25-3.99%Managed Futures
IMXAX AlphaCentric/IMFC Managed Futs Strat A10.32-3.96%Managed Futures
UXPSX ProFunds UltraShort Intl Svc19.78-3.96%Bear Market
UXPIX ProFunds UltraShort Intl Inv21.25-3.88%Bear Market
IMXIX AlphaCentric/IMFC Managed Futs Strat I10.34-3.86%Managed Futures
UJPSX ProFunds UltraJapan Svc13.48-3.67%Trading--Leveraged Equity
UPUPX Upright Growth13.39-3.65%Technology
UJPIX ProFunds UltraJapan Inv15.34-3.64%Trading--Leveraged Equity
BDCCX AR Capital BDC Income C9.14-3.54%Financial
BDCPX AR Capital BDC Income Advisor9.05-3.47%Financial
BDCAX AR Capital BDC Income A9.17-3.42%Financial
PEGAX CMG Global Macro Strategy A8.45-3.39%Multialternative
PEGMX CMG Global Macro Strategy I8.47-3.38%Multialternative
GPMFX GuidePath® Managed Futures Strat Svc8.94-3.38%Managed Futures
GIFMX GuidePath® Managed Futures Strat Instl8.99-3.36%Managed Futures
UCPSX ProFunds UltraShort Small-Cap Svc15.36-3.32%Bear Market
HCESX HC ESG Growth HC Strategic---3.32%World Allocation
HCSGX HC ESG Growth HC Advisors---3.32%World Allocation
UCPIX ProFunds UltraShort Small-Cap Inv15.92-3.27%Bear Market
NVXAX Navigator Sentry Managed Volatility A4.03-3.26%Volatility
RYIZX Rydex Inverse Russell 2000 2x Strategy C19.22-3.18%Bear Market
Data as of 10/24/2016