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TickerPrice1 month
% Change
UFPSX ProFunds UltraShort Latin America Svc16.48-35.48%Bear Market
UFPIX ProFunds UltraShort Latin America Inv17.88-35.44%Bear Market
UVPSX ProFunds UltraShort Emerg Mkt Svc8.41-23.67%Bear Market
UVPIX ProFunds UltraShort Emerg Mkt Inv8.89-23.57%Bear Market
RYWWX Rydex Inverse Emerging Mkts 2X Strat A16.39-23.46%Trading-Inverse Equity
RYWZX Rydex Inverse Emerging Mkts 2X Strat C16.70-23.44%Trading-Inverse Equity
RYWYX Rydex Inverse Emerging Mkts 2X Strat H16.25-23.34%Trading-Inverse Equity
UHPSX ProFunds UltraShort China Service12.85-16.39%Bear Market
UHPIX ProFunds UltraShort China Inv13.93-16.31%Bear Market
DXRSX Direxion Mthly Small Cap Bear 2X31.84-16.15%Bear Market
UIPSX ProFunds UltraShort Mid-Cap Svc4.07-15.87%Bear Market
UIPIX ProFunds UltraShort Mid-Cap Inv4.41-15.78%Bear Market
RYIZX Rydex Inverse Russell 2000 2x Strategy C23.70-15.41%Bear Market
RYIUX Rydex Inverse Russell 2000 2x Strategy A25.65-15.37%Bear Market
UCPSX ProFunds UltraShort Small-Cap Svc19.07-15.35%Bear Market
RYIRX Rydex Inverse Russell 2000 2x Strategy H25.55-15.34%Bear Market
UCPIX ProFunds UltraShort Small-Cap Inv19.68-15.31%Bear Market
DXSSX Direxion Mthly S&P 500 Bear 2X Inv25.68-13.61%Bear Market
RYCZX Rydex Inverse Dow 2x Strategy C23.36-13.53%Trading-Inverse Equity
RYIDX Rydex Inverse Dow 2x Strategy A25.77-13.50%Trading-Inverse Equity
RYCWX Rydex Inverse Dow 2x Strategy H25.83-13.49%Trading-Inverse Equity
UWPIX ProFunds UltraShort Dow 30 Inv5.39-13.39%Bear Market
UWPSX ProFunds UltraShort Dow 30 Svc4.94-13.38%Bear Market
PEGMX CMG Global Macro Strategy I8.75-13.31%Multialternative
UXPSX ProFunds UltraShort Intl Svc21.71-13.25%Bear Market
PEGAX CMG Global Macro Strategy A8.74-13.22%Multialternative
UXPIX ProFunds UltraShort Intl Inv23.20-13.19%Bear Market
RYCDX Rydex Dyn Inverse NASDAQ-100 2X Strat C14.48-12.94%Bear Market
USPSX ProFunds UltraShort NASDAQ-100 Svc10.44-12.94%Bear Market
USPIX ProFunds UltraShort NASDAQ-100 Inv10.54-12.85%Bear Market
RYVNX Rydex Dyn Inverse NASDAQ-100 2X Strat H16.24-12.79%Bear Market
RYVTX Rydex Dyn Inverse NASDAQ-100 2X Strat A16.25-12.78%Bear Market
RYCBX Rydex Inverse S&P 500 2x Strategy C18.37-12.70%Bear Market
RYTMX Rydex Inverse S&P 500 2x Strategy A20.62-12.69%Bear Market
RYTPX Rydex Inverse S&P 500 2x Strategy H20.69-12.69%Bear Market
URPSX ProFunds UltraBear Svc4.55-12.59%Bear Market
URPIX ProFunds UltraBear Inv4.84-12.57%Bear Market
UKPSX ProFunds UltraShort Japan Svc---11.38%Bear Market
UKPIX ProFunds UltraShort Japan Inv---11.32%Bear Market
NVXAX Navigator Sentry Managed Volatility A4.58-10.76%Volatility
NVXCX Navigator Sentry Managed Volatility C4.60-10.72%Volatility
NVXIX Navigator Sentry Managed Volatility I4.60-10.72%Volatility
FXFAX FX Strategy A8.64-10.34%Multicurrency
FXFIX FX Strategy I8.64-10.34%Multicurrency
SRPSX ProFunds Short Real Estate Svc16.31-9.79%Trading-Miscellaneous
SRPIX ProFunds Short Real Estate Inv17.65-9.69%Trading-Miscellaneous
SNPSX ProFunds Short Oil & Gas Svc6.18-9.60%Trading-Inverse Commodities
SNPIX ProFunds Short Oil & Gas Inv6.33-9.51%Trading-Inverse Commodities
WUSAX Wanger USA---9.23%Small Growth
ECHCX Equinox Chesapeake Strategy C10.80-9.16%Managed Futures
Data as of 04/28/2016