March Stock Mania

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Apple 93%    

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2012 March Stock Mania
    Exxon Mobil 88%
Zynga 7% Apple 85%     Exxon Mobil 82% First Solar 12%
McDonald's 84% McDonald's 15%     Boeing 18% Citigroup 25%
Baidu 73%   Apple 85% Exxon Mobil 66%   Boeing 75%
Wal-Mart 85%   Wal-Mart 15% General Electric 34%   General Electric 86%
Sears Holdings 15% Wal-Mart 66%   Apple 67%     General Electric 67% Green Mountain Coffee Roasters 14%
Pfizer 64% Pfizer 34%   IBM 33%       Coca-Cola 33% Coca-Cola 74%
Chesapeake Energy 36%    
 Apple 65%

    Starbucks 26%
IBM 86%         Microsoft 83%
Netflix 14% IBM 78%     Microsoft 64% Tesla 17%
Bank of America 26% Disney 22%     Exxon Mobil 66%   Amazon 36% Amazon 52%
Disney 74%   IBM 56%   Google 34% Microsoft 36%   Caterpillar 48%
Procter & Gamble 92%   Ford 44%         Google 64%   Google 84%
Groupon 8% Procter & Gamble 49%             Google 75% Alcoa 16%
Verizon 27% Ford 51%             Intel 25% Intel 80%
Ford 73%                 General Motors 20%

March Stock Mania 2012 #MarchStockMania
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The contest

On March 19, CNNMoney will name the winner of March Stock Mania, an homage to the NCAA tournament -- Wall Street style! And we want you to decide which is the most worthy stock in the tournament.

How to play

We picked 32 contenders based on the most popular tickers searched by CNNMoney readers and seeded them based on market value. Go through each context and pick which stock you'd rather own. You must select a winner in each bracket to submit your results. Come back each day this week to see who advanced to the next round and vote again to pick who should keep moving on through the brackets. At the end of the week, we'll be down to our final two. Well reveal the winner on Monday, March 19.

How to share

Once you've cast your vote, tweet your picks. Use the hashtag #MarchStockMania and your tweet will show up on this page. Check back regularly to see who is winning and get your friends and co-workers to vote. We'll also be tweeting results and updates from @CNNMoney and @LaMonicaBuzz.