Car companies are looking at a variety of ways to get more miles out of a gallon, a bushel or a volt.
Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD
Clean diesel
Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD
Diesel engines, which use high compression and heat to combust diesel fuel, offer much better fuel economy than gasoline engines. Diesel engines have also improved greatly from the noisy, smoky units that powered some cars back in the 1970s.

DamlierChrysler boasts that the just-announced Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD, which will go on sale in March, 2007, offers a 30-percent improvement in fuel economy over an equivalent gasoline engine.

The downside is that diesel engines also produce more pollution than gasoline. For that reason, states that follow California's lead on car pollution rules restrict the sale of diesel passenger vehicles.

Carmakers are working on technologies to clean up diesel exhaust.


Clean diesel

Natural gas

Parallel hybrid

Two-mode hybrid


Plug-in hybrid

Series hybrid

Fuel cell

Plug-in fuel cell

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