Car companies are looking at a variety of ways to get more miles out of a gallon, a bushel or a volt.
Honda Civic GX
Natural gas
Honda Civic GX
The Honda Civic GX is currently available only in California and New York.

Since publicly accessible stations selling compressed natural gas as motor fuel are still rare, Civic GX buyers can also get a Phil.

Phil is an at-home natural gas pump for your car. It allows owners to refuel the car overnight from their home natural gas supply, the same source that supplies to a stove or water heater.

The Civic GX can go an estimated 28 miles in city driving on an amount of gas equivalent to a gallon of gasoline, according to Honda. On the highway, it can go 39 miles. Natural gas is also much cleaner-burning than gasoline.


Clean diesel

Natural gas

Parallel hybrid

Two-mode hybrid


Plug-in hybrid

Series hybrid

Fuel cell

Plug-in fuel cell

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