Hagerty Insurance, a company that insures collectible automobiles, polled its customers to see which of today's cars collectors would want in the future.
Lotus Elise
Lotus Elise
The Elise is a low-volume, low-practicality sports car. In its own way, the tiny, low-riding Elise is as extreme as the Dodge Viper, which also made Hagerty Insurance's "Future collectibles" list.

The Elise is for the purist who wants the ultimate in a road-going race car. Like the Viper, it dispenses with niceties such as cupholders or any safety equipment not specifically required by law.

Unlike the Viper, the 4-cylinder Elise trades in lightness and agility rather than brute power. It also sells for about $43,000, making it a reasonably attainable extravagance.

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Lotus Elise

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