Hagerty Insurance, a company that insures collectible automobiles, polled its customers to see which of today's cars collectors would want in the future.
Dodge Viper
Dodge Viper
An avid, cult-like following can boost a car's appeal in the collector-car market, said McKeel Hagerty of Hagerty Insurance. The Viper is a superb example of the phenomenon.

"The Viper created almost a new category for itself as kind of the anti-Corvette," said Hagerty.

The Chevrolet Corvette has its followers, too, but the Viper prides itself on being a car for the truly dedicated.

The 'Vette pampers and protects you with amenities like cupholders, side impact airbags and electronic stability control.

The Viper, on the other hand, will do you no favors. It will not hold your beverage and it will not protect you if you manage to skid sideways into a tree. You'll experience the Viper's exhaust heat and engine noise first hand.

With its enormous tires and extremely sensitive steering, the Viper responds to every wrinkle in the road, so you'd better keep both hands on the wheel.

But the Viper's extreme, pit-bull image could make it highly collectible in the future. The upcoming 2008 Viper is shown here.

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Dodge Viper

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