Hagerty Insurance, a company that insures collectible automobiles, polled its customers to see which of today's cars collectors would want in the future.
Scion xB
Scion xB
Hagerty's "Future Collectibles" list included the "Toyota Scion." Of course, Scion isn't a specific car, it's a separate brand -- Toyota's anti-Lexus -- that includes, for now, three different models.

Scion is targeted at the young, thrifty and hip. The cars are simple, not terribly powerful and made to be easily customized. To maintain maximum flexibility, Scions are rarely sold off the dealer's lot. Most are held at the port until a customer has signed an order, That way, whatever add-ons or decals the customer wants can be put on right before delivery.

The tall, boxy Scion xB is the most popular model and the most instantly recognizable to American consumers. The version shown here is the xB Release Series 4.0 which features color-shifting paint.

FJ Cruiser

Mini Cooper

Lotus Elise

Dodge Viper

Acura NSX

Scion xB

Audi TT

Jaguar XK

Chrysler 300

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