Crucial cars for Chrysler

To turn around its falling sales numbers, these are the cars and trucks DaimlerChrysler's Chrysler Group must get right.

Chrysler's need for speed
Chrysler 300C
Chrysler's need for speed
One thing Chrysler needs badly, some critics say, is more speed. Not in its cars, but in its development process. "They have to step up up their product replacement strategy," said Tom Libby, an analyst with Power Information Networks.

Both Ford and General Motors have had to adjust their product line-ups in recent years to deal with buyers shifting away from truck-based vehicles. The Chrysler Group has had a harder time doing this.

More efficient engines and vehicles are in the works and so are more car-based crossover SUVs. But Chrysler Group has products in the planning stages that competitors already have in showrooms.

And some new products, like the Chrysler Sebring sedan, don't leap ahead enough to keep up with competitors.




Family car


Big truck

Sporty coupe
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