Summer sampler: Ups and downs of convertibles

We sample eight cars with good, and some not so good, removable tops.

Volvo C70
Volvo C70
The car: It's not quite sporty - for that, it could use quicker steering and a bit more power - but the C70 drives nicely and it looks great inside and out. It also offers a host of safety features and was rated a "Top Safety Pick" by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The cost: About $39,000 to start

The top: Raising or lowering a power-operated convertible top on any car will draw stares from passers-by. But the ballet performed by the Volvo C70's roof draws applause.

As on most convertibles, the trunk opens backwards. Then the three sections break apart and, moving as if blown back by the wind, they stack up over the open trunk. Finally, they lower down and are swallowed into the car.

Rare for a convertible, the C70 looks equally sharp with the top up or down.








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