GM trots out 'Vette with 620 horses

The Corvette ZR1 will be powered by a supercharged V8 producing at least 190 horsepower more than the standard version.

American supercar
American supercar
The Chevrolet Corvette has long been known as a superb performance value, offering speed and handling that would cost you twice as much in a European sports car.

With the ZR1, which will be officially unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in January, General Motors is taking the Corvette into supercar territory with a supercharged V8 that, GM says, will produce at least 620 horsepower.

In contrast, the base model Corvette is powered by a 6.2-liter, 430 horsepower V8, while the high-performance Corvette Z06 is powered by a 7.0-liter, 505 horsepower engine.

"Chevrolet's goal with the ZR1 is to show that an American supercar can deliver, at a price that trumps exotics that cost two, three, or four times as much - and does so with exceptional driveability," said Chevrolet general manager Ed Peper in a GM announcement.

Last updated December 31 2007: 7:44 AM ET






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