The incredible shrinking Hummer

A concept vehicle to be shown in Detroit suggests what a more compact version might look like with a few new twists.

Going down another size
Hummer H3 Alpha
Going down another size
Despite the introduction of the Hummer H3, which is roughly the size of the Toyota FJ Cruiser or Nissan Pathfinder, Hummer still carries a reputation for producing only massive, road hogging monsters.

In a plan to further broaden Hummer's product line-up - and to brighten up its public image - Hummer executives have publicly discussed the possibility of something even smaller that could go head-to-head against Jeep's popular Wrangler.

A concept version of a mini-Hummer will be unveiled in Detroit. The company recently revealed sketches by three young GM designers that show what the little Hummer will look like.

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