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Stanley Bing

How to deal with your crazy boss

Fortune's Stanley Bing shares his take on the five types of crazy bosses, and some strategies for dealing with one, from "Crazy Bosses" (Harper Collins).

The narcissist
Maintain his comfort at a very high level.
Rationale: Keep things neat for him, emotionally and physically. Deal with all the obnoxious details he doesn't want to. Personal ease is the most important thing to the narcissist. When he's uncomfortable in any way, it damages his sense of divine entitlement. So keep the emotional climate at a nice 72 degrees.

Effectiveness: High. By keeping him temperate, you are opening up vast new vistas of personal responsibility and power for yourself. "You'll take care of that, won't you, Danny?" should be just about the most frequent observation the narcissist offers during his reign. Especially if your name is Danny.

Tell us about your crazy boss
Is your boss heading for a self-made disaster? Scared of his own shadow? Just plain weird? Share your insane workplace story.
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