The mind-boggling mishaps that took place in the executive - and hotel - suite.
That sure doesn't sound like the
That sure doesn't sound like the "HP Way" we all remember...
Concerned about boardroom leaks, Hewlett-Packard starts an investigation that spins out of control, with private eyes obtaining the personal phone records of board members under false pretenses and inspecting journalists' trash in an attempt to discover the source of the leaks.

The tactics ultimately lead to state and federal investigations, the grilling of top HP brass by a congressional committee, and the resignation of several top executives, including chairman Patricia Dunn, who pleads not guilty to California charges of felony fraud and identity theft.

National Semi

Alarm One

Mayor of New Lenox

MBA candidates


B2/Raytheon CEO

Radio Shack

Hyundai-Kia Motor Group

Lone Star

Home Depot






Time Warner

Bank of America

Stefan Eriksson
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