The world's largest retailer set out to clean up its image with a new public relations campaign - and promptly landed six spots on this year's list.
We hear Lonelygirl15 is a huge fan of Sam's Club...
4. We hear Lonelygirl15 is a huge fan of Sam's Club...
In September a folksy new blog called Wal-Marting Across America pops up on the Internet.

The blog documents the purportedly spontaneous discoveries of RV-traveling megastore megafans Jim and Laura as they pull over to chat with happy Wal-Mart employees, like the guy whose company health insurance saved his son's life, or the woman who worked her way up from cashier to corporate manager.

Unfortunately, it neglects to mention that Wal-Mart arranged Jim and Laura's itinerary, paid for the RV, and compensated them for the blog entries. Exposed by, the stunt is especially bad news for Edelman, since it violates ethical guidelines it helped to write for the nascent Word of Mouth Marketing Association.

PR Campaign

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