The world's largest retailer set out to clean up its image with a new public relations campaign - and promptly landed six spots on this year's list.
Cutting off your nose to spite your smiley face...
5. Cutting off your nose to spite your smiley face...
In December, six weeks after hiring Interpublic Group's DraftFCB as its new advertising agency, Wal-Mart fires both Draft and Wal-Mart senior vice president Julie Roehm, who led the agency search.

Roehm reportedly attended an expensive dinner paid for by Draft at a hip Manhattan restaurant, in violation of a Wal-Mart policy that prohibits employees from accepting gifts from vendors.

The move is expected to delay Wal-Mart's efforts to shift from a mass advertising strategy to one that tailors pitches to specific demographic groups, seen as key to reversing its slumping sales.

PR Campaign

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