These futuristic projects promise to make the world greener, while making entrepreneurs some green.
5. Autonomous Ocean Robots
5. Autonomous Ocean Robots
The world's seas are in an ocean of trouble: climate change, vanishing fish, coral bleaching. Just keeping tabs on an airless environment that covers three-quarters of the earth's surface is a bit like exploring a distant planet. Which means it's best to send in the robots. Unfortunately, today most oceangoing bots are big, dumb, and expensive. But not the Starbug. Under development in Australia, the 4-foot-long robot operates autonomously and is highly maneuverable, thanks to its innovative thruster technology and robotic vision. Starbug will monitor water quality, map fish habitats, and survey threatened coral reefs. Initially costing about $24,000, Starbug should start rolling off the assembly line late this year. (See the full story.)

Hydrogen Fuel Station

Environmental Sensors

Toxin-Eating Trees

Nuclear Waste Neutralizer

Ocean Robots

Sonic Water Purifier

Species Tracker

Renewable Smart Power Grid
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