These futuristic projects promise to make the world greener, while making entrepreneurs some green.
7. Endangered-Species Tracker
7. Endangered-Species Tracker
Old: Save the whales! New: Web 2.0 those whales, and then clone 'em! There are more than 16,000 known threatened animal and plant species. Conservationists are looking to tag endangered animals with radio frequency ID tags and GPS sensors, and then use Web 2.0 mashup techniques to overlay their locations and map details of their habitats and habits with other landscape features to design better wildlife preserves. In 2003, scientists cloned an endangered banteng cow, and Colorado company XY Inc. has developed sperm-sorting technology that could one day be used for sex selection in endangered species to boost captive breeding programs. (See the full story.)

Hydrogen Fuel Station

Environmental Sensors

Toxin-Eating Trees

Nuclear Waste Neutralizer

Ocean Robots

Sonic Water Purifier

Species Tracker

Renewable Smart Power Grid
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