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4 professionals tell Business 2.0 about the business tools they can't work without.

Micro Manager
OCZ Ultra-Slim Mini-Kart 2GB Flash Drive; $40; www.ocz.com

Scott Hanselman, Chief architect, Corillian

Imagine a computer shrunk to almost the size of a postage stamp. Well, I have one in the form of the Mini-Kart flash drive. Check out what this superslim device can do: No matter where I am, I can access my entire desktop on any computer (as proven on a recent trip to Tanzania). One gigabyte of memory holds all my files for work, as well as portable software to handle e-mail, instant messaging, Web browsing, and so on. The other gigabyte has encrypted personal information like photos of my family's passports and medical data.

Since portable applications don't alter a computer, I never have to worry about security settings preventing me from plugging in the drive, launching applications, and quickly retrieving documents or e-mail. It's a godsend when I want to grab a file from someone. Because the Mini-Kart is so small, I just pull it out of my wallet and I'm ready.




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