Ultramobile PCs

The newest UMPCs aren't cheap, but they weigh 2 pounds or less and are robust enough to be the only desktop you'll ever need. Business 2.0 Magazine picks the best of the bunch.

Samsung Q1P SSD
Size: 5.5 x 9.0 in.; Weight: 1.7 lb.; $2,000; www.samsung.com

3 stars

PROS Samsung takes a different approach to mobile computing--and it works with the Q1P. It dodges the dumb thumb issue with a glorious 7-inch touch- screen that's easy to use as a virtual keyboard or a template for scribbling notes. (The handwriting recognition is phenomenal.) The Q1P comes with a 32GB SSD as well as AVStation Now software for fast access to music, photos, and movies. Add the optional organizer case and a portable USB keyboard and you have the next best thing to a standard notebook.

CONS The Q1P is the bulkiest of the bunch, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are your only options for wireless Internet.

BUY THIS ONE IF ... You can't stand tiny keyboards and want a device that lets you work hard and play hard.



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