The best of digital cameras

Affordable digital cameras have finally broken the 10-megapixel barrier. Business 2.0 Magazine picks three that will satisfy even the pickiest photographer.

Nikon D80
Weight: 2 lb., 5 oz. $1,300;

4 stars

PROS Nikon has found the sweet spot between professional-grade and entry-level SLRs. The D80 has a bright 2.5-inch LCD screen, yet the camera's relative lightness keeps it from feeling like an anvil around your neck. The 18- to 135-millimeter Nikkor lens extends in just a quarter-turn for getting quick telephotos, and an ample buffer memory allows for a full half-minute of three-frames-per-second shooting.

CONS Though you can swap lenses on the D80, older film-camera lenses don't work very well, and the oldest ones are almost useless. Unlike other 10-megapixel models, the D80 doesn't shoot movies.

BUY THIS ONE IF ... You want Leibovitz-like capabilities and don't mind the bulk and complexity of a true SLR camera.



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