America's best jobs in the hottest markets

The great American hiring boom is slowing down--but as labor cools with the rest of the economy, a few choice regions will stay red-hot. You just have to know where to look.

Jacksonville's affordable housing and plentiful jobs in transportation, distribution, and wholesale are luring families.
2-year job-growth forecast: 4.4%

Metropolitan-area population: 1.3 million

Who's hiring now: Armor Holdings, CSX, Fidelity National Financial, Landstar System, Rayonier, Wachovia, Winn-Dixie

Hottest jobs IT project manager ($79,400), senior software developer ($77,800), financial controller ($76,800), physician's assistant ($75,900), construction project manager ($74,600)

Where southeastern Florida suffers, Jacksonville seems to benefit. While home prices are still close to their peaks in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville benefits from affordable housing and plenty of jobs in transportation, distribution, and wholesale, luring new families to the city to work. Expanding infrastructure and defense spending add their nickels to the public purse, while financial services, back-office operations, and medical research also make their mark on the region. All this ensures a steady supply of young professionals to the city, in which the median age is 36. Who said Florida is just full of old people?
Sources: Conference Board, Global Insight, Moody's, PayScale, and Radford Surveys & Consulting.


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