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The Equalizer
Figamajigs; $22, box of 15 bars; www.figamajigs.com

Noah N. Glass, Founder and CEO, GoMobo.com

Anyone who works long hours knows that eating can be all about convenience, not nutrition. My own diet used to consist of takeout, caffeine, and nonstop sugar, which meant I was always veering from jittery highs to foot-dragging lows.

So I recently met with a nutritionist, who suggested Figamajigs as an antidote to my sweet-tooth cravings. I wasn't convinced that a low-fat chocolate candy packed with fiber and antioxidants would either taste good or cure a Snickers addict like me.

But I was wrong -- I was hooked after just three bites. Believe it or not, though they're all-natural and pack just 130 to 150 calories per bar, Figamajigs taste really good. Eating healthier and substituting Figamajigs for sweets helped me shed 7 pounds of body fat in four weeks and avoid the sugar-and caffeine-induced roller coaster. I have more energy, my mind is sharper, and I need far less caffeine to get through the workday. I guess I could grow tired of Figamajigs, but I don't think I will. Getting fit never tasted so sweet.










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