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Zen Warrior
Philip Stein Teslar Watch; $2,680; www.philipstein.com

Wendy Frey Caswell, CEO and president, Zink Imaging

Keeping my stress level down and my energy up while working a high-pressure job isn't easy, and I've long wondered if the electromagnetic signals emitted by all of my gadgetry contribute to the problem.

Last year I watched a segment on The Oprah Winfrey Show about the Philip Stein Teslar Watch. Embedded in the watch are special chips that are supposed to improve your health with a signal that negates the damaging effects of electronic devices.

I had no idea if this actually worked, but I liked the look of the watch and figured that, at minimum, I'd have a nice new piece of jewelry. After a week of wearing this timepiece, though, I noticed that I had more energy and could concentrate better. The watch isn't invincible: I still caught the flu while wearing it. But there's no question I'm both calmer and less sluggish now.




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