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Hotels are competing to spoil guests the most, and business travelers are reaping the benefits. Business 2.0 highlights the biggest trends in $200-a-night pampering.

A goldfish might not be the first thing people think of when they're lonely on the road, but Kimpton Hotels will deliver one nonetheless.

There's real science behind the chain's "Guppy Love" program: Research demonstrates that watching fish swim can reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure. Besides, these rent-a-pets are low maintenance; just return them to the front desk before you leave.

The Loews Annapolis hotel in Maryland, meanwhile, will hook you up with a temporary best friend: It loans out the hotel's resident three-year-old yellow Labrador retriever, Luke, who loves to play fetch, walk around the city's historic downtown district, or sail the Chesapeake. The dog romp is free; the puppy love, priceless.


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