Top 10 product hits - and misses

The hype surrounding the iPhone is hardly unique. Splashy product launches are a time-honored tradition in the American marketplace -- and so are the stunning flops that sometimes follow. Here's a look at some of the more noteworthy hits and misses.

Apple Newton
Apple Newton
With Apple riding so high on iPhone hype, it's easy to forget that this is a company with its fair share of misses. Anybody out there reading this on a Power Mac Cube? We didn't think so. The Newton was one of the first entries in the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) category, which are now ubiquitous, primarily in the form of smartphones.

It was definitely an idea that resonated with people, but the technology wasn't baked enough," said Hall. "It may have been a little ahead of its time." The Newton premiered in 1993, and was defunct by 1998. Critics panned its digital pen and handwriting recognition, which made entering text into the device difficult. Despite its impressive functionality, the Newton's $1,000 price tag and bulky profile -- it didn't fit in most pockets -- led to its demise.

Nintendo Wii

Tickle Me Elmo

MINI Cooper

iRobot Roomba

Ford Mustang

Apple Newton

Toyota Crown

New Coke


Microsoft Zune
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