Unnatural disasters

Never mind late planes and bad hotels -- the road warrior's real nightmare is an epic tech meltdown. Here's a survival guide.


Lost files or hard-drive meltdown


1. Rescuecom ($88 to $118 an hour)

Got a virus or a busted hard drive? First, call the hotel front desk. Many major hotels will "lend" you a member of their IT staff, if they can spare one. Alternatively, Rescuecom can send a tech agent to wherever you might be, often within an hour. Hourly fees range from $88 to $118.

2. PlumChoice ($90 an hour or $25 a month)

If your computer can still connect to the Internet, try PlumChoice. It has 180 service technicians who charge $90 an hour to fix the problem remotely while you watch the screen. Travelers can also purchase a monthly subscription for unlimited PlumChoice remote help.




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