Where are they now?

Last year Business 2.0 identified nearly two dozen really cool Web 2.0 companies outside the United States. Here's a look at 10 that are hits.

Social networks
The Korean social networking giant is quickly expanding its dominance in the online media market. Consider that Cyworld now has more video uploads than YouTube and sells songs at a rate that's second only to iTunes. Getting Americans to adapt Cymania is a different story. Eight months after launching, the U.S. version surpassed one million unique visitors in April. That's tiny compared to the 20 million visitors Cyworld draws each month in South Korea. Plans to launch a U.S. mobile version have been pushed back to early 2008. Cyworld reaped $80 million in sales last year, so there's still time find its American audience.

CEO: Hyun-Oh Yoo

Location: Seoul, South Korea

URL: cyworld.nate.com

Launch: 1999

Funding: SK Communications


Habbo Hotel








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