15 companies that will change the world

These game-changing startups are likely to upend existing industries - and spawn new entrepreneurial opportunities.

Virgin Charter
With Virgin's online reservation system, Duffy aims to make booking a charter jet as easy as flying commercial.
Virgin Charter
CEO: Scott Duffy
Disruption: Online reservations for the budding air-taxi business
Disrupted: Commercial airlines

Air taxis - tiny, short-hop planes that are so affordable that business fliers can charter them whenever they want - are taking off. Virgin Charter, majority-owned by Richard Branson, aims to be the Expedia for this new market. By creating a portal that connects travelers to charter operators, most of whom are mom-and-pop shops, the company plans to bring more revenue into the industry, reduce the cost of operating air charter services, and waste less jet fuel.






Virgin Charter


Bloom Energy



A123 Systems

Renewable Energy Group

Desktop Factory


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