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FlyRight Anti-Jet Lag Formula
Plane Potion
FlyRight Anti-Jet Lag Formula
$40 for two 2-oz. bottles,

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Every five weeks, I tuck myself into an economy seat and settle in for a 10-hour-plus flight from San Francisco to an airport overseas. Spending half a day on an airplane doesn't bother me as much as the stale, germy, oxygen-depleted cabin air, which I think is a significant contributor to jet lag. I'd worked my way through the over-the-counter cure-alls but never found anything that works.

Then, during a visit to my acupuncturist, I found a foolproof remedy; a concoction of a dozen herbs mixed in an alcohol tincture. Now, before I take off, I mix a teaspoon of the FlyRight tonic with half a cup of water and drink it. During the flight, I repeat the process every three hours. After arrival, I continue the doses for one day. Problem solved. No jet lag. None. Nada. I also don't have to worry about side effects, such as becoming dependent on sleeping pills, because the elixir is all-natural and uses 100 percent organic herbs. The tonic doesn't taste great, and I can't tell you what the herb Stachys betonica or the other ingredients do, but I don't care. It works, and I no longer travel without it.

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Plane Potion

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