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Cole Haan Santa Barbara Loafer
Walking on Air
Cole Haan Santa Barbara Loafer

CEO, Right Media

I used to be a personal trainer, which meant I got to wear running shoes on the job. But five years ago, when I took a job in online media sales, I traded in the sneakers for more professional-looking wing tips. After I'd spent a few weeks running around New York for meetings and trucking my bags through airports, my back and neck were in agony.

That's when I discovered a footwear line jointly designed by Nike and Cole Haan, which combines the former's comfortable Air technology with the latter's buttoned-down style. The line includes pricey Italian handcrafted loafers and midpriced sporty slip-ons. Each has a polyurethane cushion of pressurized air concealed in the sole for support and shock absorption.

When I tried my first pair, my back and neck pain dissipated almost immediately. Now I wear these shoes almost exclusively. Other brands have started to come out with more comfy dress shoes, but I haven't tried them. Why risk it?

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Walking on Air
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