An unsexy product gets a sexy makeover

A small construction products company revamps its image and boosts sales by hiring a design firm.

Brochure: After
Brochure: After
Only one headline is at the top of the new brochure. While keeping the lettering square and masculine to appeal to the brand's core buyers, Brier simplified the font, making it easier to read at a glance.

"The yellow brought us a lot of force - people know us now," says Libke. Brier, who created the color specifically for Poly-Wall, says the yellow makes a lucid backdrop for black-and-white type. "It gives Poly-Wall ownership. When you see the color, you don't think of anyone else," he says.

Envious of competitors' icons, Libke asked for something that would instantly translate the company's mission, "something that said, 'Your problems stop here,' " says Brier. "What in American culture communicates this better than a stop sign?"



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