Fine art flourishes in Tinseltown

L.A. may be known for starlets and freeways, but lately art collectors are flocking to the city's galleries.

Sunset, captured
Artist Douglas Busch at home with his abstract ocean photographs
Sunset, captured
Busch made his name in the 1980s and '90s with his strikingly detailed black-and-white photographs of landscapes and city buildings. But in 2003, while spending the summer in a small house on the beach, Busch pointed his camera toward the ocean and captured blurred images of waves, sand and sky, washes of color that look more like Mark Rothko's paintings than Busch's earlier photographs.

Today Busch is just about done with his ocean photographs - he's returning to producing smaller black-and-white landscapes - but he says the series has introduced him to an entirely new group of clients. Prices run from $450 for 36 square inches to $25,000 for six feet square.






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